Customer: Cirotta


Services provided: Characterization, engineering development, mechanics, hardware and software


About the project

The security of private information on the mobile phone has become an issue that concerns businessmen, politicians, celebrities and virtually everyone. While most developments in the field of information security take place in the field of software, the solution that Cirotta offers is the security of private information on mobile rather through the field of hardware.

  • An elegant and stylish smartphone case.
  • Modern technology that creates a new standard in the security of mobile devices.
  • Prevents listening and recording while the device is not in use.
  • Prevents use of the device camera while the device is not in use.
  • These days the product is in the process of preparation for Mass Production

This is an advanced development of the Geomatrix group that offers customized coverage for the mobile phone, which incorporates innovative technology that blocks any possibility of identifying GPS systems, listening or recording via the mobile camera.

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