Neuro Omega

​The Neuro Omega system is the most advanced micro-electrode recording (MER) in the world. The product was chosen to be presented as a Siemens Company’s case study.


About the project

The system documents and provides feedback in real time during a surgical procedure, and helps locate the precise area in the brain that needs treatment for motoric issues such as Parkinson’s disease. The system is being researched for future use in the treatment of Epilepsy, Alzheimers, OCD and more.

It is one of the most important medical technologies of our generation.

Geomatrix has carried out mechanical development and full engineering manufacture through teamwork with our client, “Alpha Omega”, and with the “Alon Resgour” Industrial Design Studio.

The development included laboratory testing and various strict requirements in order to meet the stringent Medical Device demands. The development of the product required creative solutions that would enable the correct use of the product in the operating theater, easy operation and maintenance and mobility, both in hospitals and in pre-sale presentations around the world.



Recruitment and Financing

Geomatrix is a technology partner with “Siemens plm”.

Thanks to the cooperation between the companies, “Siemens plm” chose this flagship project in a world Case Study, that was later published all over the world, which included a video clip about the product, and which was presented at a convention in the USA.

Watch in Case Study

Development of the Product

For this project the demands of the client were varied and included a large number of professional disciplines.

The structure of the company includes mechanical, electronic and software engineers, and this enables us to cover all aspects of the work quickly, professionally and efficiently.

The composition of the development team was chosen according to these requirements, and thanks to this the project was completed within 6 months!

The product was developed so that it will allow for easy, efficient use in the operating theater and for compliance with stringent regulatory demands.

The demands of the client included quick response for technical maintenance, replacing the different cards and parts with minimal dismantling and assembly, planning for EMC, EMI electronic laboratory testing, vibrations and shocks, and the possibility of dividing the system into a main mobile unit and a peripheral unit.

The project has been pronounced a huge success and has been sold, and is at the moment treating thousands of patients all over the world.

Manufacture of the Produce

Geomatrix manufactures the prototype through a number of regular manufacturers in Israel who are working with us on our projects conscientiously and at a very high standard.

The company has an agreement with a strategic partner in China for the purposes of a series of productions or one-off productions. The plant upholds full QA for the products before they are sent to Israel.

The assembly of the product and the 3-dimensional printing are done in the company’s laboratory (FDM and SLA printing).

At the end of each project the client receives a file of the full set of diagrams and an ISO-standard manufacturers file.

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