J-Roll are passionate about creating innovative and quality products that simplify and enhance the use of Cannabis. 

J-Roll ensuring that anybody and everybody can easily get the best out of their herbs.


About the project

Founded by a team passionate about creating the perfect cone for smoking cannabis their first product had to embody the vision.

As many cannabis users struggle to prepare the herb for smoking, and many who use the product medicinally are unable to do so at all, producing a simple tool which could perform this function consistently and easily was an exciting opportunity.

As a firm with a great reputation for supporting entrepreneurs and innovators we were the obvious choice for J-roll and the design made by “pearlman daniel studio“.

Site: Jroll.com

As from 2016 Geomatrix has been the connection between potential investors and entrepreneurs and the people with the ideas.

During this time, we recruited several companies that chose to develop their products through us.

Geomatrix itself oversees companies and investments in projects that are also developed by them.

In this instance, the investors are the entrepreneurs and champions of the project.

Designing a product which would deliver the team’s aspiration for a high-quality grinding and mixing unit, able to grind herbs evenly and consistently whilst providing easy cleaning features, was a fundamental requirement.

To achieve market penetration quality, functionality and appearance were going to be essential ingredients.

We took care of all aspects of product development, managing the entire process from initial design concepts through to a production ready unit with all the necessary tooling and patterns. Our team of dedicated engineers embrace our philosophy for working in partnership with our clients to develop high quality products.

We worked hard to understand the vision for the J-roll X10, before starting to evolve a number of design ideas which we could later present to the team and which could form the basis for early market testing. Developing the proof of concept was an essential part of the project and enabled us to move quickly towards creating a prototype for the final design.

Once this had been reviewed and market tested, we developed all of the manufacturing designs required to turn the product into reality.

Working within our client’s budget, we were able to create a product which achieved the functionality and quality envisioned at the start of the project. The team at J-roll were delighted with the final product and refer to the manufacturing quality of the product on their website: .

“Innovation and creativity of our dedicated team of designers and engineers has turned our ideas and concepts into reality with the launch of the Jroll X10”.

Unique to the J-roll X10 is the grinder and mixing unit which is fully extractable for easy cleaning. It has been designed to grind herbs evenly and consistently, allowing the ground material to exit the grinding chamber before turning into dust. This ensures that the ground material is evenly and effectively mixed in the collection chamber below.

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