Solar City Station

An advanced solar station designed for the use of the public in public places, such as parks, boardwalks and playgrounds. 

The station provides a variety of uses for the general public such as: inflation of tires, a charging station for mobile phones, communication with the City Call Center, etc..


About the project

Solar City Station is a solar system designed for public places enabling contact with the City Call Center.

A charging station for mobile phones, an advanced camera, a screen that receives information directly from an outside center, communication, inflation of bicycle tires, beach mattresses, etc.

The system has already been installed in a number of cities around Israel and is a stand-alone system that does not need any infrastructure except for being fixed permanently in the ground.

Geomatrix designed and developed the product from its conception to the prototype, including full overseeing of the installations in situ.


Recruitment and Financing

As from 2016 Geomatrix has been the connection between potential investors and entrepreneurs and the people with the ideas.

During this time, we recruited a number of companies that chose to develop their products through us.

Geomatrix itself oversees companies and investments in projects that are also developed by them.

In this instance, the investor is the entrepreneur and pioneer of this project.

Development of the Product

The main challenge with it from the development stage was identifying a way of maximizing the use of solar energy for the unit in situ.

The company engineers carried out experiments and developed an automatic solar follow-up system that allowed tracking of the sun, and in addition to this, there is a match between the different angles of the sun’s rays in summer and winter.

Thanks to the energy efficiency received and charging of the battery at the same rate, it was possible to add a large number of practical functions over and above the entrepreneur’s original demands.

The understanding that a product is made up of a number of stages that need to be considered if we want to succeed and to sell the product, and the ability to see past the development of the product itself, is one of Geomatrix’s unique features.

Manufacture of the Product

The manufacture of the product is carried out through management and supervision by the company’s engineers from the manufacture in China to the actual assembly and installation in points around Israel.

Geomatrix manufactures the prototype through a number of manufacturers in Israel who have worked with us on our projects on a regular basis, conscientiously and at the highest level.

The company has an agreement with a strategic partner in China for the purposes of a series of products or for a one-off series. The plant implements full QA for its products before sending them to Israel.

The assembly and three-dimensional printing of the product is carried out in the company’s laboratory (FDM and SLA printers).

At the end of the project, the client receives a complete file of diagrams and an ISO-standard manufacture file.

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