​IGIN – The world’s first automatic glove dressing system. Infection Prevention, Depreciation cost savings, Automated Inventory Management System and Control and Monitoring of the Use..


About the project

The IGIN system is the world’s first and only automatic glove dressing system

The system enables the wearing gloves quickly and easily. The process of wearing glove is completely automatic without human contact. The system prevents the transfer of infections between users and allows full control and monitoring over the use, with the help of global management software.

GEOMATRIX managed and developed the product from the idea stage and is also a copartner of IGIN.

Product Design: Dorian Capuano

Site: igintech.com

Recruitment and Financing

Geomatrix connects investors and entrepreneurs to enable ideas to become products. Over the past few years we have raisedinvestments for several start-ups.

Geomatrix represents the interest of the entrepreneurs and the project vs the investors in order to enable and ensure that they receive the optimal conditions for the success of the project.

In this project, we represented the developers vs an overseas investor who, at the end of the process, invested in the project.

Development of the Product

The challenges in this project were many, from the amorphous glove structure, glove replacement speed, high reliability, full automation, advanced design, ease of use, support for 500 ready-to-use gloves and advanced control and monitoring software.

The system includes motors, pumps, electronics and controllers, touch screen and a wide range of sensors. All disciplines including mechanics, electronics and software have been developed in-house

Manufacture of the Produce

In the development phase, fast and efficient production technologies are used to meet the challenge and to produce the core mechanisms on which the product will be designed.

Manufacturing technology includes 3D printing in a wide variety of types and materials, some of which we manufacture in-house on advanced 3D printers.

At the end of the development process, a fully functional prototype system created using CNC technology as well as PCB card manufacturing with manufacturers in Israel and China with whom we work regularly is created.

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