A little about us

Geomatrix develops the innovative ideas of private entrepreneurs or start-up companies in different fields – medical devices, cosmetics, smart towns, IOT, toys, the security industry, consumers etc.

Geomatrix is an innovation, Business Development & Project management Group in EU, US and Israel. Geomatrix was founded by Entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals.

The company provides complete overall planning and development services and is a leader in the field of development of products and provision of technological solutions in the fields of mechanical, electronic, software engineering, design and manufacture of the product.

Geomatrix was established in 2010 by ex-soldiers in the 8200 IDF Intelligence Unit, with a great deal of experience in management and development of products and systems, out of the desire to realize ideas and turn them into successful products. We believe that ideas come from need and as experts in the field of engineering and technology, we have the ability to implement your idea.

The uniqueness of Geomatrix is in the combination of specialists in the various fields required for the product development, from its conception to the mass production. In this way, our clients benefit from precise, quality, timely service, and within specified and optimal budgets.

In addition to this, the company provides the outsourcing services of professional and high quality engineers who will reinforce the engineering departments in the plants, the employees in the client's offices or in our offices.

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Innovative Product Development
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Behind the Scenes...

Aviv ​Antebi

CEO and owner of Geomatrix

Ex-Captain in the 8200 Intelligence Unit of the IDF, with about 20 years’ experience in the field of multl-discipline development.

Aviv has headed many complex projects and is a partner in a number of successful start-up companies, as part of the company’s policy to integrate as an investing partner in its clients’ products.

Aviv serves as Director of the “Young Entrepreneurs” NGO as part of the company’s philosophy of contributing to the next generation.